Lorcia Cooper is a name widely known by every South-African citizen with access to a television or a passion for theatre. She is one of the most prestiges dancers that our contemporary scene has come across to date…with an accreditation list as long as the “behind the scene” involvements of big international productions, we reckon most of her fans would be shocked if they knew the extent of her achievements in the dance industry. Then we get to her acting career. At the top of her game she has been in the media since she was a young girl and been featured on local favourites like Backstage, Queen, the acclaimed The Lockdown (which she recently won a SAFTA award for) and her latest debut in Mnet’s Deon Meyer show stopper “Still Breathing” … We could honestly go on writing about our stunner but we would rather you do some research for yourself and see just how lucky we are to have her onboard!



When Lorcia was approached to become a part of our team, not an ounce of hesitation came from the beaut, as EVERYTHING she does always entails some capacity of moral purpose. Nothing she does is from a place of self interest and adding value to a legacy where young people should start idolizing media personalities for the RIGHT reasons is an opinion Lorcia strongly articulates. She is our SPOKES PERSON which means she is endorsed by our group irrelevant what she stands to gain. She advocates for our brand based on what she believes we could add to the community…. and taking in regard that there are a few different communities that Lorcia would like to initiate big change, this just became such a natural fit. She is giving our group the voice we reckon everyone should listen to !



If you have ever worked with Lorcia on one of her sets or attended a workshop or mere dance class (back in the day) – you’ll know that walking away from that introduction will leave your soul revitalised. The woman has an aura about her, intoxicating zest for life. She cant help it and she knows it!!! She wants to spread this energy to all the projects she expresses interest in and is driven to motivate. She radiates love and the fact that she beliefs in us as much as we want to believe in our own cause – has been one of the biggest honours and clear indications that we are on a path worth pursuing, irrelevant of the obstacles yet to be faced!



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With no “standard” definition of what a brand ambassador really is, our first and only FACE that represents all we entail is the gorgeous MARIAN.

She is definitely hard to ignore and apart from the immediate association to our brand (once you know she’s affiliated) which acts as a living advertisement to the brand – to say we are as unique as Marian’s radiant appearance is but an understatement. This young lady would widely be recognized by SA audiences from the ever popular television series Survivor Champions, but stemming from an entrepreneurial background Ms de Vos has a passion for local business especially if one of its main intentions is to ignite change. 

Nowadays Marian enjoys the benefits of blossoming career as a high end fashion model as her unique look attracts alot of diverse interest. She is however using this stage of her life as a platform in which she hopes to educate the vast public on the condition and the challenges she was faced with when originally diagnosed with vitiligo.

Being diagnosed with “a condition” has not only opened a door to a very unexpected successful career but it threw Marian with alot of internal challenges which she could only overcome with self acceptance as a guide. This was however never a prerequisite when we launched our search for an “ambassador”   –  what we wanted was an individual whom from first glance would be an obvious representation of all we value in our brand. With our two founding members being female, one caucasian and one black – we took pride in the fact that we CHOSE this dynamic, we werent forced into an arrangement by means of political dictation, we advocate acceptance and change so when we realised there were people out there that physically defied the boundaries that their specific race stipulated (the one they were born under), made just all the sense in the world!!

Not only was Marian both black and white but she was born coloured and in some opinions looks indian!!! EXOTIC is what she is…. She knows no discrimination from one particular race group but understands it from EVERYONE. In Auganic’s opinion individuals with vitiligo should be regarded as extraordinarily special as they have transcended the consumer driven opinion of what beauty is and the stereotypical method of thinking that one should not be associated with someone from outside of your own race group.  Our ambassador is unique in the sense that she understands how to market herself without arrogance… she knows that she will be a walking “cause” her entire life but this time she has a team behind her, advocating for her beauty and proud of the unique change she represents! 


Follow Marian on Instagram @marian_devos