Our group “Auganic” comprises of two major entities i.e “Orthentic” which is our ever growing developmental collection (this includes a range of Natural and Organic products found across the globe and brought to our local market) and then there’s “Native Nosi” which is our proudly SA range of Honey products. Two lines – one company… quite simple

Orthentic sources ethical products from all regions, ESPECIALLY neighboring African countries, formulating it either to offer unique products or promote it in its raw form whilst Native Nosi is a third generation, multi award winning bee keeping facility owned in house and produced SOLELY for our brand “Auganic”. 

Together the two above entities amalgamated and joined forces to bring a true force to the SA market. We plan on offering our local industry a unique roof under where they can shop for truth but always at less. Orthentic and Native Nosi truly is the supporting beams that keeps us all in the shade! Our branding co-exists under one quality-controlled entity which Auganic offers the consumer and promises to always keep Premium and cost effective in the same sentence  (a term way too loosely used by most market competitors)

“AUGANIC” is the ideal natural and organic lifestyle group who has made it their mission to supply selective products that will add to the natural/ organic, fitness/ health industry. We have made it a top priority to eliminate a specified target audience by means of generating an open platform where by people of all ages, races and LSM groups CAN afford to use our products and reap its generous rewards.

Keep your eye on us – our promises will become the  new norm !





Our group strives to not only maintain an environmentally friendly venture, creating a healthy platform where the community can be educated as to how to improve their lifestyle and overall health, but also obtain their supplementations at a cost that won’t hurt their monthly budgets. We aim to promote the maintenance of healthy lifestyles from the earliest age possible. We regard ourselves as a cultural lifestyle group where ALL members of the community can tend to their needs by means of purchasing their requirements from an educated, professional system and passionately enthusiastic individuals!




To manifest an inspirational legacy that will progress to a successful distribution by means of trading according to the stated MISION. In order for us to become known as a respected, caring health “society” we promise to only trade with ethical values and partner with individuals that share our VISION…








The concept “Orthentic” was collectively thought out by the two founding members, Vicki-lee & Matthew Fredericks. Both of whom are highly respected individuals within the Health & Corporate industries and present resumes that proclaim them as professionals on the South African fitness, health and corporate platforms. Their experience in not only these sectors but especially that of corporate nature, contributes as a key factor to the success of this unique natural & organic platform. Orthentic has always boasted with the personal relationships that its managed to build and maintain over the past 4 years. Breaking into the organic or 100% natural agricultural sector did not only prove a daunting task (in trying to comprehend its collective inner workings) but also to locate and validate each entity’s authenticity and its many various grey areas. Starting as a humble 50sqm lifestyle store, this venture proved to be a fruit bearing gem when a franchise model was developed within under 18 months, a larger group persisted in buying out the concept and an even larger public entity proposed a  joint venture in order to transform their public image to that of a premium service offering – all whom were waivered. WE’VE ALWAYS HAD OUR DESTINATION IN CLEAR SIGHT…. Our product offering will keep growing as we develop our infrastructure and beautiful natural additions. We are always on the lookout for the latest advances within the organic and natural sectors but with our knowledge, we seek wise investment and prospects that are worth pursuing. We want  ALL our communities to truly benefit and not to just fall for the “next big thing” . We WON’T conform to standard marketing stunts in order to boost sales – we will always strive to bring truth and ethics back to the advertising platforms of our retail arms. 



Before Auganic became the proud initiative it is today, Native Nosi has been owned and run by Mokgadi Mabela, a third generation female bee keeper and has kept her family’s legacy within only the walls of her family bloodline since her grandfather started the business. Native Nosi has been featured in numerous media articles, interviews , advertising campaigns and point of discussions for various platforms across the SA media industry.

This extension of our business is a multi award winning entity with no explanation required as to why we refer to it as our “Premium” range. Yes, our repertoire speaks for itself but the rare and scarce quantity in which we produce, is not only evidence to a real gem of a commodity but also a testimony to how our agricultural experts credit their reasoning to the respect they have for their hives and the work the bees do.

The fact that our government turns to this team for agricultural assistance speaks volumes of our expertise. We don’t only produce PURE RAW BEAUTIFUL honey but we are aiding in strengthening our fragile ecosystem…. don’t believe us, please request a list of farmers that will stand as reference to our pollination and development programs! 









We instated a fund for each one of our “in-house” farms and production facilities… ALL our farms are operated by people that “earn as they work” which means that they are not employed by the farmers but earn an income based on the daily work they provide. This we can assure is not due to the exploitation of the workers but rather the economy of the current state of affairs, where the organic/ natural farmers aren’t able to uphold what is needed in order to help everyone they want to, yes they have their permanent employees but many of them try and assist their local communities by creating clever incentives. We wanted to be part of this solution so with our funds, each one of our products sold, “banks” up to 2% of the revenue which gets distributed amongst the workers at the end of each year.


We intend on trying to “dent’ the advertising industry by ALWAYS providing facts (at many times these facts may even be to the detriment of our own group and its offerings), but this is all within an attempt to restore ethics to an industry who has gotten way too comfortable with bending the truth to the consumer in order to boost overall sales and promotions.


We will NEVER compromise the natural/ organic/ raw nature of our products, nor will we ever support any entity that doesnt farm/ harvest within an ethical, humane or respectful manner/ process. PERIOD.


Its ludacris when one thinks of the following: Most of the communities involved in producing our products (all which is considered high end or high LSM targeted products) can’t afford to purchase these products themselves when shopping for their own family’s. As a new “player” in the retail space, initially we won’t have much buying power but we intend on changing that real soon…. We want to make EVERYONE feel and KNOW that they deserve a HIGH END PRODUCT but at a LOW END price!!!! This is a promise which we have made our first priority in achieving!


We DONT WANT to have a demographic – we want to educate!!! We want to let everyone know that these products are intended for all, not by us but by Mother nature herself (and if we may add – from the beginning of time). African, American, Black, White or Rainbow, our products are for THE PEOPLE…


To our group, there will NEVER be enough justification to any form of animal cruelty. We are in no support of any animal testing or affiliated processes. The institutions that we endorse ALL respect the lives they work with – they care for all their animals and provide them with respectful and loving environments (and all the steps in between).


The precautions we have taken to ensure that we dont aid to the overwhelming global problem of pollution has been a solution very dear to our hearts. Our packaging is all either 100% natural, 100% recyclable and manufactured with no harmful chemicals. a Recycling program where the public can earn rebates when returning their empty bottles and jars will be a standard that we hoping all our larger wholesalers will respect and always implement. Such careful thought has been given to all our designs that there is NO need for even the most harmless preservatives as all our bottles and jars will cater for it, in its most natural form. Ongoing and ever evolving research is a commitment we will never neglect!


Need we really elaborate??? Perhaps just the addition that apart from being extremely patriotic, we are huge fans of THE HUMAN RACE – we love all communities and embrace all our many “faces” and cultures!